• Attention to Detail in Web Copy

    Your website copy needs to be accurate, giving people a true picture of your business. If it doesn’t, people will find themselves disorientated and unhappy, as they will feel they have been lied to. This is why attention to detail is key – you need to be giving the right messages, in the right places, and doing it consistently.

    Make sure your copywriter knows all about your business and understands it. It’s usually sensible to give them a full brief and to provide some details about your business, such as a few bullet points. This will ensure they have got the facts right.

    When you proofread the copy, make sure it is consistent. You really need to be consistent with this, as you can’t be giving different messages throughout the site. Make sure things like headings have consistent capitalisation as well, and you use punctuation correctly everywhere. Decide on your preferences about full stops in bullet points and stick to it.