• Choosing Branding and Sticking to it

    The whole point of branding is to make your business memorable and recognisable. That means that when you find branding you are happy with, you need to use it day in, day out. Good branding helps increase awareness of your business and make sure people know you exist. Making sure your branding is right is a really important step.

    You should work with a branding or design agency on your logo and your business’s appearance. It is so important it comes across professionally and gives your business the right kind of publicity. A large part of this is professionalism. Your logo and the images used on your website will need to be hi-res, clear and high quality.

    If you aren’t 100% happy with your branding, then it’s time to change it. Get your logo redesigned and use this going forward. It is imperative you use your branding everywhere, so it needs to be fully representative of you.