• Getting the Design of Email Campaigns Right

    Email is an incredibly important means of communication, and, as businesses, we need to ensure that the way we use it is effective. This can be broken down into two parts to focus on; the content of the email, and its graphic design.

    Using these two areas, your goal should be to create an attractive and professional looking email that generates interest and confidence in your mail recipients. In this respect, it is very similar to direct mail services. One of the bigger differences is the tremendous freedom an online form of communication provides you in terms of what you can include in your email, such as videos, links, online coupon and deal numbers etc.

    In some ways, campaigns through email are more limited. They are closely connected to your website typically, which means that you’ll need to use a form of branding and design that matches it in order to maintain brand consistency. There are also potentially serious repercussions to sending unsolicited emails to people, whereby you can have your email account blacklisted and banned from emailing anyone else. This means that you have to send out a smaller net through emails than you can through a direct mail campaign.