• How to Target with Mail Services

    A lot of people suffer from the misconception that mail services are a largely untargeted means of marketing, but this is a misconception. Mail, both in the real world and over the internet, can be done by taking advantage of a wealth of information which would allow a marketer to target specific people and areas to achieve higher rates of conversion.

    The best way to target people with mail is by targeting previous clients, but this isn’t always going to be the best way to generate new business. For starters, the products you sell may not lend themselves well towards repeat business. A few other methods for targeting your mail campaigns are:

    • Age of recipient
    • number of inhabitants
    • Value of home/property
    • Business or residential property
    • Average income of the neighbourhood

    You might be wondering how you’re supposed to find out this information; a lot of companies collect information like this and more, which they then sell on. Another method is to get the information from the freely available census, which works out a lot of this information for you.