• Is your Business in Need of Mailing Services?

    A lot of businesses think that although mailing services do work for some companies, it is unlikely to work with them. Perhaps this is due to the general misconception that mailing campaigns are some kind of untargeted marketing scheme used by businesses which have a broad appeal; therefore businesses which offer more niche products and services are going to be less able to profit from these services. To a degree this is true, but calling marketing campaigns untargeted is a step too far; most good mail campaigns are able to draw upon a wealth of information about the residents of properties and the neighbourhood they are in, in order to determine which products and services they are likely to respond well too.

    When people consider mailing campaigns, what they usually think about are businesses like Pizza delivery companies and so on, but its potential can reach far further. For instance, domestic services being offered in upscale neighbourhoods, or landscaping/garden maintenance services being offered in places with large gardens. B to B businesses can also benefit tremendously by targeting based upon the size of the business and the market they work in.