• Keeping Brand Consistency Within Your Designs

    As a business develops online, the likelihood is that they will begin to acquire more and more assets, and advertise their business on those various platforms. This may include things like a facebook account and twitter page, a company blog, and, of course, a website. One of the key things for any business owner to consider when they’re first building these assets up, is to try to keep your business’s branding as consistent as possible across all of the different platforms.

    Brand consistency is actually pretty important for businesses. It is important because businesses use their brand to send a message to their customers, which says “you can trust us and the quality of our products and services”, and every time they see your brand and act upon it, your brand gets further reinforced. The result of this is that whether your customer first has contact with your business through a blog, an email, your facebook page or your website, you can immediately begin laying the groundwork for your brand recognition by keeping it consistent across your various platforms.