• Mail Campaigns – The Role of Creative Designers

    In mail campaigns, or even email campaigns, there are two main components to delivering the message you’re trying to convey to your audience. Firstly, you have copy writing:

    Copy writing is an important part of any written communication you have with clients or potential clients; it helps you to convey the message you want to concisely and in the tone that you want.

    Secondly, you have a creative design:

    Creative design has a significant role in both email and direct mail campaigns, as plain text is usually not enough to capture the attention of those you want to pay attention. A good creative designer should be able to advise effectively on everything from the font used to enhance your text’s intended tone, to delivering impact through the use of calls to actions (often referred to as CTA’s – something which gives the reader a clear idea of what they can do next) and quality branding.