• Mailing House Services in London

    Mailing services are always needed in business, despite living in a digital age. There will always be the need for letters, mailouts, marketing and promotional material to reach new audiences, and more. Mailing houses in London cater for all of this and provide mailing and direct mail marketing services to businesses in the capital city, making mailouts easier and cheaper. Being based in London means they are close to the businesses they work with, and they will often have premium London premises with all of the necessary equipment in one place.

    Mailing houses can offer a range of services wherever they might be based in the UK. London based mailing houses are based in the business capital and will have the benefit of understanding their corporate clients, as well as having access to local premium mailing services. These can all be offered to London businesses for a good rate, meaning that businesses have all mailing needs taken care of for a reasonable price, as well as having this important duty taken off their hands and dealt with by someone experienced and efficient.

    Services that are offered by mailing houses in London

    Mailing houses will as standard usually offer mail enclosing and postage services, often all over the world. They might also offer services for posting larger parcels, in the UK and abroad. A full service mailing house will offer more than this and will provide an end to end mailing service, which can include general marketing, design, copywriting and printing, as well as targeted mailing distribution services. Every London-based business that is thinking of using a mailing house should initially find out more about what services are available so that they know whether they will only be able to access low-cost mailing services, or if they will have access to additional marketing services as well.

    Many mailing houses will offer design and print services, which perfectly complement postage services because everything can be done under the same roof. A designer can put your design together and then it can be printed to a very high standard, as mailing houses are known for investing in their equipment.

    If you want to send something more bespoke, mailing houses can also offer personalisation to make individual mail pieces stand out.

    Once mail pieces have been printed, London-based mailing houses can then make sure they are reaching the right people. They can help you compile data lists and can provide cleansing and sorting as well, so that your mail pieces are not being sent to the same person more than once and are reaching their intended audience.

    Once printed, your mail pieces can be enclosed, either through polywrapping, or in envelopes. They might also offer individual mail fulfilment if items need to be sent individually or they are bespoke in some way. Following this, mail pieces are then ready to be sent, which a mailing house can of course do for you, securing excellent prices for these services through bulk sending and passing cost savings on to you.