• The Art to Leaflets

    Advertising through leaflets is another avenue that a large portion of businesses should consider exploiting. Whether you’re actively handing them out and trying to develop new business, or using them to reinforce your branding within your existing customer base, there is a role that leaflets can play.

    Designing a leaflet is usually best done by a professional, but if you’ve not yet developed your business to a size where you can really justify the design consultancy fees involved in this, then there are a number of leaflet design websites which offer extensive customisable options; allowing you to quickly design a passable leaflet (so long as you’re reasonably design savvy).

    Still, despite these options, creating a professional looking leaflet is best done by a professional. They will hopefully be able to take your various ideas on what message you want to convey, and refine that into something which gives clarity to the recipients of the leaflets. This means helping you with creating impact through graphical design and creating a tone specific to your needs (just like we discussed here), as well as making sure that what is included in the leaflet, such as; testomonials, an about us section, or a mini-case study; is all tailor made to establish the basis of a dialogue that you want with your customers.