• The Importance of Typography

    Typography is one of the most important elements in graphic design. It is defined as the art and technique by which you arrange and decide upon the type of written word used, in order to make the writing more legible, readable and attractive. It is used by a wide range of professions in order to make their advertising media more attractive to their viewers. This is absolutely essential for running a successful marketing campaign.

    The most common practice of those involved in typography is to use pre-made types, or fonts. There is an absolutely massive number of fonts to choose from, and they all go in and out of fashion fairly quickly. It was just ten-fifteen years ago when Times New Roman was one of the most widely used fonts around, but now you’d be hard pressed to find it in use anywhere. This is why, while typography is important, your understanding of the trends needs to be very up-to-date before you can benefit from it.