• Unique Business Cards

    When you meet somebody for the first time in a business setting, one of the most important steps of the introduction is, for many of us, the exchanging of business cards. The entire purpose of these little calling cards is to enable somebody who suddenly remembers talking to you, to be able to go into their pocket and immediately see your details, but for them to do this reliably, a business card that stands out can be incredibly useful.

    Why is this important, you may ask? A business card isn’t necessarily just given to people you’ve had a lengthy conversation with, whom you’d be entitled to have the reasonable expectation of them remembering you regardless; in many occasions, a business card is handed out to people you’ve casually come across. In these circumstances, a business card that makes that stop and think; “that’s cool” or “this is pretty quirky” can make a difference.

    When it comes to producing a business card that can do this, trying to choose one that is as uncommon or as unique as possible is a big part of the formula. A few options that you might not have come across would include holographic and lenticular designs printed onto the card, or the less common examples of waterproof, synthetic materials used, which serves the dual purpose of being uncommon and practical, as it will survive a washing cycle or heavy rain.