• Using Visual Communication Across Marketing Platforms

    All of the most effective marketing strategies and platforms employ, to one degree or another, visual communication, such as graphic and motion design services, to create impact and attract people’s attention. It has been proven time and again that visual cues are often more valuable to a business’s branding strategy than simply written or verbal communication, particularly when it is used in conjunction with either or both.

    Visual communication can be both subliminal and obvious, actual and abstract. The way you communicate is often as important to success as what you’re trying to communicate, and in order to effectively use the media at your disposal, you’ll need to have marketing experts and graphic design experts assisting your efforts.

    Most forms of illustration, particularly when it is done for relative unknowns, is fairly obvious. Larger, better recognised brands are able to use more abstract advertising strategies, such Nike’s tick. Small companies which operate locally are going to need graphic media which illustrates what it is they do, and promotes their business as a trustworthy organisation. An example of the latter could be a domestic services company which provides housing refurbishment including a home in their design.