• What is Copy Writing?

    Another important element of any marketing strategy, by which I mean aside from graphic design, is the copy that’s been written for it. Copy writing has been a mainstay within the marketing world for generations, and its value is absolutely clear.

    First of all, you need to understand what copy writing is. The purpose of a copy writer is to produce written words which convey a message in the manner in which it was intended to be conveyed. Making sure that there is no mixed messaging in the content; that the message is clearly conveyed to the reader, is absolutely essential.

    Copy writing is unique among the written professions because it deals exclusively with writing promotional content. This is in turn done on a number of different platforms; emails, product packaging, featured articles in newspapers, magazines and blogs, business websites and leaflets. A copywriter is also who is approached to produce slogans etc for businesses.

    Any good copywriter will be able to use a number of different styles in order to meet the tastes of different audiences and the nature of what they’re promoting. As an example; they may be asked to write in a fairly informal manner, or a very technical manner, depending upon whether their audience is general consumers or industry insiders. Likewise, if they’re promoting a brand in a newspaper they may use an informal style, while on a product’s description, it pays to be clear, concise and professional.